How long does it take for items to ship out after an order is placed?

Updated 8 months ago by Jeffrey Henry

All our products are made to order, meaning that each is created as orders are placed, versus having to stockpile inventory. Generally, most of our products are finished in production in around 5 business days after an order is placed before they are ready to officially ship out. Items with the word "Premier" in the product title do take longer in production. Please read more below.

“PREMIER” Products Production Time 
Please note that our items that contain the word "Premier" in the product title are completely made from scratch and take longer in production as they are cut and sewn items. Cut and sew means that the fabric / materials are first printed, then cut and then sewn together.

This process creates fantastic results and makes for super amazing products, but it does take longer than our standard products. This process generally takes around 14 business days, on average for them to be made before they are ready to ship. This is an average time and can be faster and it can be a little be longer due to the complexity of the production process.

We work very hard to make sure every item is made as quickly as possible and should there be any delays beyond the estimated time, we will contact you to let you know what the latest status is.

As soon as your order has been finalized in production, packaged and a shipping label has been created we will send you an email containing tracking information for your package. Please note that some international shipments do not come with tracking information.

If your order is still labelled as "Unfulfilled" this means it has not shipped out yet, but please know that it is in production and you will be notified as soon as they are ready to ship.

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